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Micronesia/Guam - Reports to the Mission President July 1983

7/3/83 - 7/9/83
Dear President,
Today we had a district conference at the only chapel here on Moen. I got to conduct the singing and Sister Huff played the organ. It's pretty fun leading the choir, and really great hearing them sing. Yesterday all the branches had a pretty big party with lots of food and dance, and my companion and I got to sing in the program. We celebrated the 6th year anniversary of the first Elder's dedication of this island for missionary work. We're all looking forward to seeing you again. God bless and take care! Love, Elder Steven R. Monson

7/10/83 - 7/16/83
Dear President,
Ran Allim, as they say in Trukese, which means "good day". There are several things you need to answer for us when you get here. The missionary couple here, the Huffs, have some questions. They might have already written you about it though.I'm doing good for now. Last week (last two weeks really) I tried to learn 5 [Trukese] words a day, and have a test on all the words that week on Sunday. I'm going to increase my goal to 7 words a day and if that goes fine, to 10, then maybe 20. We need to get the language down. Take care and we'll see you soon. Love, Elder Monson

7/17/83 - 7/23/83
Dear President,
I hate to talk about bad news, but something has been brought to my attention. The Huffs seem to have a lot of things to tell you about the problems in Truk and mainly the Sapuk branch. It's true we have our problems, but please don't take us as complainers. They are only problems that need some working on and the Lord will help us. I can see some differences in the branches here, but I think the main problem is that the members themselves aren't informed well, which is really our fault. I hope we can straighten things out. Hope I didn't sound too negative or sound like I'm putting anyone down. I hope we can "turn all of our afflictions to our gain" (2 Nephi 2:2). Thanks very much for the letters; we appreciate them, and we're looking forward to meeting you. Thanks, "tong seni" Elder Steve Monson

7/24/83 - 7/30/83
Dear President,
We've been setting higher proselyting goals and we've been doing a lot better. [We] would like to get up to 40 hours or over though. Elder Wilson is getting the language a lot faster than I am, and he's helping me a lot. Part of it is my fault though. I haven't studied hard enough, but I'm raising my goals and trying to get more Tukese bible study time in. I think part of my problem is that I see the language as an unclimbable mountain; the peak is so far up there I'll never make it. It's like someone once said about eating an elephant. The task is impossible at first, but you could really do it. You'd have to cut it up small and put it in lots of freezers and eat some every day. I'll try harder. Thanks for your letter! Looking forward to seeing your message in the next [Micronesia Guam Mission newsletter]. Love, Steve

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